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Sexytime fun with Google Analytics and produce

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 12:52 AM on Friday, August 8, 2008

Picking through the posts this week for some likely imagined SEO improvements inspired me to look up all the keyword referrals we've received over the past year, and it seems we picked the wrong subject to blog about. At least as far as Teh Googz is concerned.

My two favorite searches clean enough to sit above the fold were "chicks with whips fights" and "kotaku is shit."

I'd like to think they found this page and this page, respectively, but who knowest the whims of The Great Devaluator? Not I.

I'd guess my monikor and this title brought the bulk of these refined readers, and hope our Zelda week helped get off the dude who searched for "zelda fuking." I also hope he sees fit to go back and finish fourth grade.

Now I just want to know how many pages of search results deep these perverts went to find us, and how they weren't able to find a site suitable to their, *cough* niche, proclivities before reaching our blog.

Click to read the rest, lovingly re-keyed in flat HTML text so that we might encourage even more of this. *NSFW!*

Gimme dem smuts!

Google Search Keyword Referrals to, June 07 - June 08

Keyword -- UU's

ass fucking -- 1
ass making buttons -- 1
ass piss -- 1
black teen age fuck -- 1
bridal fucking -- 1
buttlove -- 1
cheap fucking -- 1
chhep fuking -- 1
fire crotch -- 1
firecrotch -- 1
fuck my brawn eye -- 1
fucking a cucumber -- 1
fucking ass by cucumber -- 1
fucking piss ass -- 1
fucking teenage -- 2
gamer fucked -- 1
gay boys fucking -- 1
kissing turn on strategies -- 1
legs gay -- 1
man fucking teen age -- 1
piss ass -- 1
piss in ass -- 1
suck-that -- 1
teen age fucking in ass -- 1
teenage fucking -- 1
teenager fucking cucumber -- 1
tmnt games ass -- 1
TMNT games to ass -- 1
tricky bitches -- 2
two cheaps fucking -- 1
xl black ass fucking -- 1