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Wrecking Crew: Shake your windows and rattle your walls

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 9:44 AM on Wednesday, November 14, 2007

video game commentary from the resigned gamer, urban champion

hey, what was the NES game where you bombed eggplants?

Sir Cucumber: bombed them?

Doomeru: well, you had bombs, and you destroyed walls, and there were eggplant dudes and ladders

Doomeru: and you could make your own levels

Doomeru: ...

Doomeru: and you used an image in ur Flip book

Sir Cucumber: Wrecking Crew

Doomeru: awesome

Doomeru: gonna get that

Doomeru: would make an interesting modern game

Sir Cucumber: hmm

Sir Cucumber: kind of simple for today, don't you think?

Sir Cucumber: they’d need to give Mario an augmentation

Sir Cucumber: maybe a bionic hammer arm

Sir Cucumber: and a chemical dependence on something

Sir Cucumber: stubble

Sir Cucumber: either that or you'd have to be able to customize his facial features and outfit with downloadable content

Sir Cucumber: he'd have flashbacks about fires and construction accidents

Sir Cucumber: It would only be marketable as an FPS with online multiplayer capabilities so he'd need a nail gun

Sir Cucumber: and a speed metal soundtrack

Sir Cucumber: i don’t think this sounds like a very good idea.