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Vice City Stories: Happy endings

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 9:12 AM on Monday, November 12, 2007

sir cucumber's bitter corner, the resigned gamerEndless, aimless cop-evading mayhem after finishing a GTA has never held my interest, but I appreciate the extendability. And it's fun for my little 9-year old brother.

Thing is, even though Rockstar has never let plot get in the way of a good game, it's always made sense to see the game's antagonist still running around wrecking shit. Until Vice City Stories:

Not like anyone could care or couldn't guess how a GTA ends, but spoilers hidden below >>

Nameless GTA 3 guy blows his tricky bitch ex-girlfriend out of the sky and then blasts his new cokehead whore for talking too much before returning to his silent sociopathy.

Tommy Vercetti goes all scarface on everyone- except for the whole dying in a pool of his own piss and blood part- and steps out to enjoy the town that now belongs to him.

CJ survives a riot, takes down the rival gang, busts a cap in Samuel L. Jackson, and goes out to scope da 'hood.

Tony Cipriani soldiers up and soldiers on.

And tightass Vic Vance tells everyone he's sick of being a criminal and that it's time to go home to take care of his mom...Somehow he just ends up running around Vice City stealing cars and shooting people at random though.


Doomeru Woebashi said...

I liked the ending to GTA 3. Why don't they all end with tricky bitches getting killed?