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Toobin': hope floats

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:09 AM on Monday, May 11, 2009

Optimism is a trait best reserved for fools and salespeople, but I will always bet on the sun coming up. I know it’ll come around even if I haven’t seen it for days- otherwise the world would be a much colder place. In this cynical age it’s easy to mistake taking stock for counting chickens, but rose-tinted glasses aren’t required to see possibility. Remember that despair is like a vampire- it steals our strength and leaves us hollowed husks, but it can only be invited in. For even as we float up shit creek, at least the water is warm.

Today we've tread enough water to pass our 300th post! It hasn't been easy to keep this up for so long, and I'm sorry that recently work has prevented me from posting our regular 3-a-week, but this blog isn't the only thing I'm trying to keep from sinking...

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