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Haiku for the brave little dutch boy

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:47 AM on Friday, March 14, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

Change is a constant, and in all change there are winners and losers. These are truisms; these are facts. But just as some ideas are worth fighting for, so too to some are facts worth fighting against.

Truths reside in generalities and distortions in specifics
, but it serves our discourse to tell you a bit about my day job: I work for the web site of a newspaper. The two are obviously intertwined but remain independent entities, which gives way to politics. And as hour follows hour of sexless soap opera in the "great results meeting room," struggling to keep from sleeping or screaming amidst a cordial cluster fuck of loggerheaded sales incentives, back end billing excuses and buzz words, it's easy to forget that what we're really talking about is survival.

Not just preservation of city council and wrestling competition coverage, of folded under-arm commutes and sprawled out Sunday funnies, crinkles and ink stains, but livelihoods. lots of people's livelihoods. And though we jam our fingers in the dike for lack of levees and it all bears the taint of self-interest, whoever doesn't pull out now knows they're going to get wet. And I find that noble.

This week's haiku go out to all who serve the gray lady.


descending bottom

comes to smother our lifeblood
quick! get the bug spray

Donkey Kong 3, Resigned Gamer, #1
shattered glass disrupts
allowing outside input

exposed red anus

Donkey Kong 3, Resigned Gamer, #2
gorilla in the greenhouse

maybe for the best

Donkey Kong 3, Resigned Gamer, #3
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