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Road Avenger: I is him.

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:02 AM on Monday, July 28, 2008

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Things may slow down for a little bit at Resigned Gamer, faithful readers.

Doomeru is still floating in his ether, and today I must leave Ohio and drive back to New York.

It's another bittersweet moment. The people who I love and love me are back in New York, but that's been a big part of why I've wanted to be in Ohio.

It's been wonderful to be alone out here, working hard, playing lots of games and meeting new people, but I've always known it wasn't permanent, and it wasn't real.

What's makes leaving so hard though is that my life for the last few months has been a beautiful sandbox. Like San Andreas without the drive-by's. Life back home is more like Dragon's Lair: jump when you're told to, or insert another quarter.

Lets hope I can take what I've learned out here and hop the rail.

In the meantime I'll have to be strong. On the road. Like this guy.