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Metal Gear Acid 2: The house always wins

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:45 AM on Monday, September 17, 2007

sir cucumber's bitter corner, the resigned gamerOnce bitten, twice shot. Well, at least assuming you’ve got a hand with two gun cards of the same ammo type. And you’re in range. Chances are you’re not, so you’ll have to play one card to equip, and then another card to move into range. That’s your full turn, and you’ve probably racked up somewhere between 9-15 COST, so you’re going to have to wait for everyone else to go. Then, on your next turn, you’re shot. Well, you’re probably shot, but even at point blank there’s usually a 20-40% chance of missing, so who knows?

Sequels shouldn’t mess with a good thing, but in addition to introducing new elements they should reassess what worked in the last game, and what didn’t. Acid 2 does tweak the code a bit, allowing you to punch people, switch between standing and crawling, and knock on walls in the middle of a move instead of waiting until the end (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve suffered through it), but it missed more than it caught.

Like the shoot-the-flying-robots-with-your-newly-acquired-sniper-rifle level. This wasn’t cool last time and it certainly wasn’t cool this time, and let me explain why:

As I said before, you need one gun card to equip, and another one of the same ammo type to shoot it. Get lucky buying random packs at the card shop and you might have about six matching cards, most good for 1-2 shots apiece. Without equipping a scope, you have a 60-70% chance of hitting a robot for 30-45 damage. The robots have 100 hit points each.
You can hold six cards in your hand at a time, all drawn randomly. Snake can play two cards a turn- the obligatory chick you meet can play three, but she still can only draw two new cards per turn. Your deck must hold a minimum of 30 cards.

You do the math.

number munchers, the resigned gamerI'd rather be playing Number Munchers

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Saving moves things along more smoothly, but its mechanics aren’t part of the winning Acid formula either. Every save brings you back to the title screen, where you have to load the game you just saved. But it doesn’t get really fun until you bungle things up. The mission menu can bring you back to the “intermission” screen between levels, where you can select to return to the title screen, where instead of pre-populating at the load option you end up clicking to start a new game. Adding insult to injury, the “intermission” menu actually contains empty option slots following “save data,” “delete data,” and “return to title.”

I’d call this an unfortunate oversight if I didn’t think it was intentional. Three deep in Solid shit and every time I’m caught I still have to blow myself up with a grenade or wait to be shot to death and listen to them yell “Snaaaaake” before I can just start over from when I entered the room. It’s not sloppy interface- it’s punishment.

Fucking japs.