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Our Imaginary Friends: Peter Pepper

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 9:31 AM on Monday, January 28, 2008

...I've always imagined that Burgertime was conceived of some struggling programmer's day job nightmare- to be chased down like a dog by homicidal lunch meat, armed with nothing to defend yourself but five pinches of pepper and the abject terror of being torn limb from limb by pickles and eggs senselessly hellbent on your destruction, the only escape in violating every code of health, ethics, and morality to construct life-sized sandwiches (for whom?!?) and it brings only more short-orders, more fleeing, more death...

burger time south park resigned gamer

...But what do I know, it was probably just made by some Japanese dude.

Make your own video game character at the South Park Studio and send them to us!


Rube Goldberg said...

Sounds to me like someone is missing his OSCA days...