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Haiku for innocence lost

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:36 AM on Friday, January 25, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

Kids grow up fast, too fast, in this sick scary world. Doomeru and I were no exception. We had our share of horrors, betrayals, and disappointments; monsters lurking in the bedroom. But no matter how hot the heat, imminent the defeat, how raucous the calls for blood, he was always the king to me.


evil drug dealer
he plans to destroy the world
makes me want to dance

monkey on my back
can't stop loving the children
got to catch them all

I'd show you magic
but it's better to hold back
give a big finish

you can't resist me
whirling musical dervish
I've touched you inside

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Rube Goldberg said...

I forgot that there was a video game based on a music video. I think I now have a project for this weekend.

Sir Cucumber said...

dude that shit was like almost a full-length feature! They had Joe Pesci! And claymation! And Michael's lucky star turned him into a car or a robot! We had it on VHS and probably watched it even more than Singing in the Rain or West Side Story.

Sir Cucumber said...

...I think it even included a pepsi commercial.