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LostStar Tactics: picking your battles

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 1:46 PM on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Death Frost Forest is passable, but death frosty.
5 to 11? Sounds fair to me.
 Great winners pick good losers, and knowing is half the battle.

LostStar Tactics is all about finding the fights you can walk away from, and going into them with the right equipment.
There is no fight worth fighting where you won't have less experience and/or less allies than the opposition, but the the particulars of every pawn are available before each battle, and it's your choice who to fight and when to fight them.

Attack too soon, and you'll waste precious time retreating, which cuts off access to certain opportunities. Wait too long, and results are the same.

The path is neither straight nor marked, but it does exist and can be found.