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Where have I been?

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 9:07 PM on Thursday, March 1, 2012

Excuses, excuses all, I know, but I just can't seem to finish a game. I like the credits to roll before I say anything, but to be honest I just haven't felt like writing, because I haven't felt like talking, because I haven't felt like thinking. I still don't.

I've logged over 70 hours down the rabbit hole with Dark Souls, and though the end is still a little ways off I'm already contemplating New Game +, which is not something I ever do. I already started over from the beginning about 30 hours in, which I also normally cannot abide. I haven't tried to follow the story or how the game progresses- I believe insanity is caused by trying to understand the unintelligible- but I can't put this game down...I've avoided enlisting or invading others in my quest, and remained a shriveled and solitary hollow in an endlessly expanding world, equal parts abusive and fair, unsympathetic and forgiving, full of unsolicited advice and silence. I like it this way.

I've also been playing Battle for Wesnoth and Solomon's Boneyard, which I'll try to write something about soon. For now, I play Dark Souls.