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Red Faction, Guerilla: putting the fun back in martyrdom

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 12:03 AM on Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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You know how in Sandbox games, no matter how much chaos you cause and people you kill, the cops lose interest once a mission is completed?

Red Faction Guerilla is no different when it comes to missions, but not during the aimless property destruction required to unlock those missions.

This leads the Mars occupiers to employ ruthless asymmetry against window smashers, and go to lunch while their barracks burn, but more importantly, committing acts of petty sedition produces the most accurate simulation of an insurgency campaign ever played:

You don't go into these attacks expecting to come out alive and seldom do. All that matters is hurting the target, and there is no shortage of (strangely similar looking) people who'll die to do it. Morale does not improve as control wanes, and after the army is forced to withdraw from an area it becomes overrun by truckloads of gibbering savages who'd been hiding out in the mountains.

red faction guerilla marauder, resigned gamerOoh, I wonder if he'll vote for the moderate party!