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The Centuria Challenge: A cool gaming blog to watch

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 9:42 PM on Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just found this blog while I was googling for images of Toejam and Earl in the hot tub. A nice DC couple is going to play through and create cool images based upon a mutually compiled list of 100 games, one at a time, in chronological order by release date, without pussing out or presumably breaking up. Or maybe their approach to exes is more mature than mine, I don't know. Not that I'm betting against them; Maybe I would have possessed the moral fortitude to finish Omikron: The Nomad Soul had I the support of a tender loving life partner back in 1999...But seriously guys, Galerians? You look like two very nice and attractive young people, don't do that to yourselves. Maybe play Gold Rush instead.

Anyway, it looks like an awesome project that I'll be watching.