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The State of the 360: Point, Counterpoint...

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:04 AM on Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Editors note: RPtheOG from Accounting is back, baby, and the views expressed in his posts by do not necessarily reflect that of the Resigned Gamer Brothers. In fact, we think he's got magic ponies flying out his gawping (and we do mean with a W) asshole and remember when we couldn't buy a bad game if we tried compared with today having to crawl on our hands and knees upon GameStop's mildewy carpet in the most-often futile hope of finding a title we'd consider more than mediocre...That and you can't trust anyone who plays Madden. But talk amongst yourselves.

madden 08, resigned gamerBack in the days of Pong and the Atari 2600, it was hit or miss with new titles. There was no Internet to get the down low on new releases, no IGN, no GameSpot, no GameFaq, and word of mouth only went so far. Buying a video game was a crapshoot and personally, I crapped out more often than not.

Things got better when Nintendo and Sega jumped into my world, but nothing compares to the choices and the quality of games that we have today.

When a game gets bad reviews these days it normally leads to being discounted where in the past all Atari games were a flat $50 and most blew. Now addicts like ourselves can sample games like The Club or Beowolf at a deep discount, or just download the demo. And don’t even get me started on the secondary markets created thanks to Ebay and GameStop and other places that give fair value for trades- this just frees up more cheddar for more games.

So, why am I spending time putting this together? Honestly, it’s to say thanks for that state of the gaming world. I have so many choices right now that I find myself drowning in titles. I have been playing Call of Duty: World at War since release date (Shout out to all my clan members (S1W)’s kid). But, there are so many great titles out there that I am torn and had to try some of them out. BIOSHOCK has been sitting on my shelf for the past six months (along with The Darkness, Call of Duty 2, Two Worlds, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and more), so I finally took a few weeks off from COD to play it, complete it and then Ebay it. I'm late to the party, I know, but what a hair-raising experience that was!

Now I am back to COD rotating in a little Star Wars: The Force Unleashed as much as I can.

I have a game shopping list that reads as follows:
1.) Fable II
2.) Fallout 3
3.) Dead or Alive 4
4.) Far Cry 2
5.) UFC Unleashed
6.) NCAA Football 2010
7.) Madden 2010

So I’m like WTF how am I going to do this? Alright, the UFC isn’t on sale for a few months, but I have 10 games still wrapped at home, I am playing two right now and have seven more MUST buys. Well, Far Cry 2 might be a rental, along with Madden and NCAA…But as you can see, this is a gaming nightmare and dream come true at the same time. There are more games that I want to play than I have time to dedicate to them.

Generally I play for 2-3 hours nightly, but like most of you I’ve been known to get lost in 360 World and be up until 5am. This is usually a bad thing since I am normally up and in the gym by 6:15. Can you say screwed day?

So, I have a pile of games that I won’t touch because the newer titles are greater. In addition, I really would be happy just playing 360 Hardcore Team Deathmatches with my fellow S1W’s every night.

Simple Solution: without getting fired, Ship my wife and son off to Florida for a week. Take a vacation from work and the gym. Unplug the phone- Wait, I’ll need to order pizza and Chinese, so the phone has to work, but can ONLY be used for outgoing calls. I’ll just turn the ringer off. Next I’ll pull the shades down like in the casinos so time seems to stand still. Showers are optional. Thoughts?