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Bioshock: It is man's merit that separates the wheat from the chaff

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:59 AM on Monday, April 28, 2008

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Have you ever loved a truly talented person so much that you wish they'd just fucking die? I'm struggling to see the point of putting anything on this post other than his review:

Creeping along two years behind the rest of the civilized gaming world I've been able to avoid writing about anything he's already pissed upon until now, and having finally come to this point I'm at a loss as to what else needs to be said. And it's not that he draws funny pictures or says words like "bollocks," "twat," or "branston pickle," or even reviews games in any way comprehensively- it's the way he judges everything he plays by universal gaming principles so firmly established that many reviewers often don't feel the need to deeply discuss or even name them. It doesn't matter if you've ever even heard of the game he's critiquing, because what he's really talking about are universal concepts like balance, tradeoffs, control, consequence, agency, atmosphere, and suspension of disbelief.

We started writing Resigned Gamer for what I'd like to think are the same reasons Yahtzee started these rants- yet every time I see his work I want to give up on doing my own.

Googzor tells us we've had some return visitors from Australia. How small a chance do we have that he's one of them?