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Elevator Action: Occam's Razor

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:05 AM on Monday, December 22, 2008

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Call it oversimplifying the past, but I believe we live in times vastly more complicated than any before. From our looming ecological crisis to our current economic one, from counter-terrorism strategies to sexual politics, the only things that have gotten easier are our video games.

As for myself, I work in newspapers. The space between ink and tubes, to be more exact. And amidst all the turmoil our readers and advertisers are struggling through, the business is changing faster than we ever feared. And despite what any smug observer might say, our trouble at digging out from under is not due to a lack of good ideas, but from too many. Package this with that, reverse publish it all and push it mobile, auctions, arbitrage, auto-bills, even pay-per-click!

But great grandpappy always said "keep it simple, stupid." Go out and sell what you've got. Serve the people that buy it. Keep them updated, good or bad. Educate them when necessary. Pay attention to detail. If you fuck up, own up, make it good, and don't do it again. Do your job well and the rest will follow. I believe this. I have to.