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Bully: Love worth fighting for

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 12:05 PM on Friday, October 31, 2008

Honestly, I don’t see why any self-respecting homosexual would want to drag their friends and family and a bunch of other people they never cared to see again in their lives halfway across the country to wear tuxedoes and dresses they’d never otherwise be caught dead in, much less buy, and eat cake when they could be having pie, and make a bunch of mushy promises that set the bar way too high, just so they could have their love recognized by a bunch of backwards old men in silly hats. But whatever. If the only constitutionally acceptable reason for opposing gay marriage is not wanting to have to buy that much more crap from that much more registries for that much more weddings, then believe me I sympathize but shut the fuck up.

Oh also there’s that whole not-being-allowed to visit partners in hospitals like every other couple, not-being-allowed to share benefits like every other couple, not-being-allowed to file taxes jointly like every other couple, and not-being-allowed to share equal custody of children like every other couple. That kinda sucks too.