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Field Commander: Private defense contractors, once again making the world safe for democracy

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:36 AM on Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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Got no complaints, I guess. The game lets you skip even more animations than Advance Wars and it kept me from tearing the cellophane on Days of Ruin for a good two weeks.

For uniqueness points, you can destroy terrain and degrade city resource production- not that there'd be any point in it- use stealth snipers, and lay mines. You've got a quicksave and, for the sweetest plum of all, a "next unit" button.

A while back I expressed amazement that another long-running strategy series could have forgotten the "next unit" button, but, in hindsight, at least Dai Senryaku VII had the experiential wisdom to know better than pretend to have a plot.

This is a weather machine. It's going to destroy the world.

Only you can stop it. Better not fuck up, man.