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Haiku for self destruction

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 10:52 AM on Friday, March 21, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

I'm not emo, just incredibly hungover.
I believe I've been this way all week, and don't doubt the week before. I know I could stop, and know why I should, but can't guess why I would. I've got a great job, a good life, people that care about me, others that depend on me- not exactly the stuff of country western songs. So why reach for a crutch to beat myself with? Perhaps because it hurts so good. And if it wasn't booze, it'd just be something else.

This week's haiku go out to all who fall off the wagon.

"Root Beer" Tapper

sarsaparilla man

still will not serve budweiser
it is satan's brew

Tapper punks, Resigned Gamer
I am not amused
please stop shaking my sodas

retarded burglar

Tapper bonus, Resigned Gamer
kindly unhand me
this is not a speakeasy

don't you like root beer?

Tapper, Resigned Gamer