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Final Fantasy Tactics, part 2

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 10:21 AM on Tuesday, February 19, 2008

video game design critique from the resigned gamer, manhunter

I've never been much for Judeo-Christian morality, but I do believe in consistency, and find it sinfully incongruous that "atheism" is a status effect with neither completely good nor bad connotations, like, say, "poison," or "regen," while "charm" is only effective on members of the opposite sex.


Terry said...

The effectiveness of magic was dependent on your faith; for the faithful, a fireball would hurt more but a healing spell would heal more too. For those of little faith, they were just pretty much immune to magic.

Sir Cucumber said...

yup. So what I want to know is in such a morally lackadaisical climate why can't that swinging dick Mustadio woo the codpieces off any enemy dragoons?