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Haiku for vigilantes of the night

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 9:01 AM on Friday, February 22, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

We live in an unjust world. The strong prey upon the weak, the bold trod upon the meek, and you have to fight to make it right. You'll take a couple to the chin- the first will hurt like hell, but it won't kill you and the next won't be as bad. Those that pull the strings have more minions out there than you'd think, but they tend to look alike and follow recognizable attack patterns. Probability tells us that none who stand up can help from being beat down over time, and feel like they've run out of friends and quarters, but there's a chicken in that oil drum just over the horizon. Keep your fists balled and your wits about you and you'll make it. This week's haiku go out to all who've taken their licks and left a mark.


secret syndicate

bribes municipality
time for fisticuffs


egyptian crime lord
thinks he's a batman villain
traps are for pussies

...and Doomeru rhapsodizes on
the two baddest crackpots ever there was...


skintight purple suit

I find justice in the streets
so tired, must sleep


as the night descends
germans and dogs seize the streets
someone must punch them

a flat-topped hero
comes clad in yellow short-shorts
he will save us all

midgets wield yo-yos
but I do not flee in fear
my shirt is yellow

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