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Jeanne D'arc: Best. In-Game. Dialogue. Ever.

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 12:11 AM on Thursday, October 18, 2007

joan d'arc, the resigned gamer
...And that about says all that needs to be said.

I know I don't admit it very often these days, but I'm really enjoying this game.

You can't skip the combat animations, but so far they've yet to pull any Thundagaragaga/Ifrit Summoning shit, so it's cool.

Also, after all your characters have moved, the turn ends. Without you having to tell it to. Fancy that.


Doomeru said...

I'm glad your threshold for considering a Tactics game to be enjoyable is based on limiting button presses. I'm sure you can apply that standard to a lot of areas of your life and find a lot of enjoyment.

Sir Cucumber said...

your mom.