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(Original) Final Fantasy Tactics: The Long Wait

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 11:17 AM on Friday, October 19, 2007

video game commentary from the resigned gamer, urban champion

: so, got ff tactics on psp....

Sir Cucumber: the real one???
Sir Cucumber: i want that

Doomeru: k, but, shit has slowdown
Doomeru: like, really oddball slowdown
Doomeru: and don't touch the tutorials. they are noninteractive, and once they starts, you can't skips!
Doomeru: you get trapped in tutorial-land
Doomeru: i just want to learn!!!

Doomeru: like, seriously, i looked at a tutorial, realized it wasn't needed, but, couldn't skip it. i figured it would last 5 minutes
Doomeru: i could just keep pressing X to skip text, but shit went on for 15 mins! i had to shut off the fucking psp!

: the first mission kinda blows. you only control your guy, and yet you have to sit there while the computer moves all your allies around, casting slow-ass spells

Sir Cucumber: yup, sounds like final fantasy

Doomeru: you have to wait for your turn, like you're playing a fucking boardgame. I mean, if I had friends to invite over, I wouldn't be sitting here playing fucking tactics expecting to be able to control my allies

Doomeru: put that in the blog, bitch