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Guitar Hero: Snorts the 80's

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 5:56 PM on Thursday, October 4, 2007

sir cucumber's bitter corner, the resigned gamerAt least it's good to see the rockers we've come to know and love have been playing the same venues for the last 20 years- and that the Rat Cellar hasn't sold out either. I guess everyone must have got some practice in during the first Bush administration too, because man those covers sucked:

Mangled, poorly mixed covers of Holy Diver, Synchronicity II, and Ballroom Blitz, and a bunch of other songs I've never even heard of or would simply prefer not to subject myself to.

I may be a child of the 90's raised on Z100 and "today's best music, without the rap," but I know a Final Fantasy X2 when I see it. So can someone please tell me why this game lists for $49.99?

david lee roth, guitar hero, the resigned gamerI'd rather not, but thanks.