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Headhunter - Redemption: Making an ass out of u and me

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 11:23 AM on Monday, September 24, 2007

sir cucumber's bitter corner, the resigned gamerIn this somewhat-anticipated sequel to the late Dreamcast title, mixed motives move a hokey Clint Eastwood knockoff from a crumbling dystopian future to reluctantly train a plucky girl with limited options but a lot of heart to beat the snot out of people.

But despite being the inspiration for Million Dollar Baby, there isn't much to say about Headhunter: Redemption.

Other than that it gives you no jump button. Instead you're expected to just trot off whatever you're standing on and hope for the best.

I haven't had to deal with this contrivance since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, and that piece of shit left me in tears.

Yet despite this game's uncanny ability to make assumptions for the player, you have to push a button every time you want to pick up ammo.

headhunter redemption, the resigned gamershould I take this ammo for my rifle, or leave it?
God I just don't know...Think dammit, think!