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Breakdown: The eyes of OCD

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 6:26 PM on Tuesday, October 2, 2007

sir cucumber's bitter corner, the resigned gamer“The most remarkable feature in BREAKDOWN ™ is the first-person, 3-D point of view the player shares with Derrick. By immersing the player into the game through this perspective, the action becomes more intense as hidden dangers spring into action from 360 degrees around the hero’s position. Enemy characters can approach and attack from either the side or directly behind Derrick – continuously keeping the player at a higher level of awareness and anticipation!” – Instruction manual

…So it’s a first-person shooter? 12 years after Wolfenstein 3D and this can still be described as a “remarkable feature?”

It’s like the other day at work when this consultant was coming in for a meeting, and instead of just asking me to set up a conference call bridge for people who couldn’t make it to the office he encouraged me to “consider the discussion from a remote participant perspective.”

But, in fairness, BREAKDOWN takes the FPS genre further than exploring a world through the sights of a gun.

Never mind that cans of juice restore more health than military rations or floating orbs of superhuman energy, and that an empty-handed amnesiac somehow possesses an unending supply of quarters for the vending machines, this game is one step away from real life.

Seeing through Derrick’s eyes, you share his pain every time bullet wounds cloud his vision or he vomits. You’re right there with him every time you press X to look at, press X to pick up and look at again, and press X to take one bite of a protein bar before discarding it, or press X to look at, press X to pick up and look at again, and press X to pocket each clip of ammo!

...This's so similar to the one I just picked up...


Doomeru said...

I buy all my FPS games based on the items I get to look at.