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Haiku for breaking free

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 7:30 AM on Friday, April 4, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

You can please some of the people most of the time, or please most of the people some of the time, but some people you'll just never please. This won't matter in all instances, but we only hurt the ones we love, and vice versa. To the extent these platitudes are perpendicular there will be pain. Pain builds character and pain builds callouses, but in the end it's just distraction, and there is a whole world out there that won't wait. Go.

This week's haiku is for you. And for me.


i'll show you someday
i am from royal descent
i own fancy shirts

Kings Quest 3 chickens, Resigned Gamer
the old man will pay

I'll turn him into a cat
his chamber pot stinks

Kings Quest 3 chamber pot, Resigned Gamer
i know you're anxious
but the driveway's treacherous
set game speed to slow

King's Quest 3 escape, Resigned Gamer
what is this numlock
moving diagonally?!?
world opens to me

King's Quest 3, Resigned Gamer
got a haiku, hater? yeah, I didn't think so. Use the fucking comments.