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Haiku for the greatest adventure of all

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:48 AM on Friday, May 9, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

We learned
last week that the greatest adventures are in the company of great friends. Today we shall learn that there is no greater friend than the one we love, and no greater adventure than coming to love them.


love lasts forever
but does not always end well
you should get tested

so the cunt left you
they all, eventually
bourbon never will

value bird in hand
but remember your own worth
believe you can fly

captivating attraction
love is not a choice

like a predator
i hunger to devour you
water buffalo

hurts first a little
eventually awesome
just give it a try

every princess
gets the urge to go slumming
maintain the plumbing

keep hope alive but
be careful what you wish for
you just might get it

cling to each detail
though they fade and blur in time
know it still happened

true lust requited
only causes more longing
but she was worth it

don’t be a doormat
her appendages work fine
chivalry is dead

what ever happened
to having a simple fuck
not four letter word

fucking is fine
but intimacy divine
also alcohol

know when to fold em
but winning hands do get drawn
know when to hold em

taming of the shrew
not impossible to do
remember to laugh