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River City Ransom: Don't try to be a hero

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:07 AM on Monday, January 5, 2009

river city ransom sauna motivational poster, relax, resigned gamer

We all need a break once in a while. And if what you do is important to you, that once in a while usually happens when we least want it to. There's just too much work to do, and it simply can't get done without you. It's a bad time. You'll go later. Next year. Besides, you'd just spend the whole vacation thinking about work. Or doing work- I find vacations are a great time to get work done. But you know that's not the point. It's a marathon out there, not a sprint, and running on empty will just run you into the dirt. Work worth doing is worth doing well, so don't worry. It'll wait.

... I've got an outtake for this week...wanna see?

river city ransom motivational poster, sauna outtake, relax, resigned gamer, gay

Took a teensy bit of photochopping, as Pop vanishes from the screen, but you really do get naked right at the desk before the background changes. Go check it out. good times.