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Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:06 PM on Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not a game post, but something I was moved to write about...

Driving to work today I heard this story about New York's Board of Elections getting sued because they were afraid to click into the settings tab on their fancy new voting machines.

Driving home (in my 2002 Toyota Prius which I *love,* thank you very much) I heard this story about the high probability of unintended acceleration being caused by people mashing the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

Not unlike the Chinese curse, we truly live in interesting times. The limits of our ecology, economy, and equality are being tested like never before, and decisions that will shape the technology of tomorrow are being left to people who don't even use the technology of today.

Maybe I'm projecting. Maybe all these years at an internet company that doesn't permit people to work remotely, filling out paper timesheets and teaching Ethel the Friendly Neighborhood Newspaper Rep how to find her right mouse button, has skewed my perspective.

Or maybe, compared to the State of New York's inability to access their preferences menu, it's actually worse than I realized.

But should I expect these codgers to copy/paste when they can't even drive? Sometimes the system just can't get any simpler, and the end-user still can't tell his elbow from his end.

Fuck it, I'm hungry.