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Everblue 2: conducting the current

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:03 AM on Monday, January 18, 2010

Everblue 2 Motivational Poster, Methossa, Resigned Gamer
They're human, all too human. They will try to change, but the same trespasses as before will slip through. Focus instead on how you fed into the dynamic. How did your actions lead them down this path? Change that, and save yourself grief and conflict. "The River... Try to dam it and you only add to its pent-up energy and increase your risk. Instead divert its course, channel it, make its power serve your purposes."

...Thanks to Methossa for this week's motivation, who understands that if you want something done right, or in this case even done at all, you've got to do it yourself...It should also be noted that his emphasis on taking responsibility for exactly one half of all your fucked up interactions is far beyond my level of maturity, and Everblue 2 is far beyond my level of patience.