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Lock's Quest: Spoiler Alert

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 8:06 AM on Friday, January 9, 2009

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Lock's Quest the game was innovative, engrossing, and addictive, albeit entirely too easy.

Lock's Quest the plot was also innovative, engrossing and addictive, but just a little too familiar... But you be the judge:

Magic tinkerer dude creates living machines, called "clockworks," to serve man. King says totally uncool man, so magic tinkerer dude and his clockworks rebel. They fight the humans for a long time and then they stop. Then they come back later and kill almost all the humans. The humans run away. A small group of soldiers and magic tinkerers must fight the save the race. Their hero is Lock, a clockwork who looks, and feels human, because he is programmed to think he is human.

Like the Cylon Fron- sorry, Electronic Frontier Foundation?

Now you can support them and ruin the final BSG season for your friends all at once!