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Haiku for conscious acts of kindness

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 10:06 AM on Wednesday, February 27, 2008

video game haiku from the resigned gamer

This short life flashed before my eyes today, and all I could think was "damn, I'm going to miss my 9:30." Winter storm warning in effect, skidding into the car ahead, I panicked and pulled my emergency brake on the highway this morning. I spun out in the other lane, and then back the other way and off the embankment. Cars stopped behind me at first, but when it became clear my 2-wheel drive hybrid wasn't going to back its way out in front of them, drove on. Not knowing what else to do, I ineptly scooped at the snow behind my tires, to no effect. But soon a man in a black pickup stopped and offered a pull. He failed to find a place on both cars to tie his tie-thing, but I was grateful for the effort. And then two more men stopped their cars and pushed me up, on my way. It was a simple, anonymous act of generosity that would have been easy to avoid, but they chose not to. This special haiku edition goes out to three kind Ohioans.


see behind the mask

when our king feeds the hungry
he sheds tears of joy

stealthy breakfast gifts

not for commercial motive

but for fellow man

his majesty shows
we're all links in the same chain
surprise! he loves you