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Hitman, now with real people to kill in a frustrating manner

Posted by Doomeru Woebashi at 8:31 AM on Wednesday, June 13, 2007

doomeru woebashi's soggy cardboard-covered exhaust grate, the resigned gamerCheck this out. We've known about the Hitman movie for a while, and this morning Kotaku served up a publicity still. I wonder which of the Hitman series' innovative techniques the movie will emulate. Perhaps I'll finally get to see No. 47 knock out innocent asian waiters, steal their outfits, then leave a neatly folded stack of his own clothes next to the body for no one to notice!

Hey Sir Cucumber, any thoughts?

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[Kudos to Le Blog: Hitman for the pic]

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Well, if any actor is capable of impersonating half the Village People and still coming off as an insipid wooden dildo it's gotta be Sheriff Bullock...

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alexis [kn0thing] said...

I read somewhere that it will indeed be co-staring Piano Wire. I'm so excited.

Doomeru Woebashi said...

Well, it wouldn't be a proper Hitman adaptation if No. 47 didn't miss three times before he got the piano wire to work.

Sir Cucumber said...

yes and then he'd drag the body into a closet and it's legs would stick out underneath the door.