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48 and a half hours of Final Fantasy XII...Still no merciful end in sight

Posted by Sir Cucumber at 3:49 PM on Saturday, June 2, 2007

sir cucumber's bitter corner, the resigned gamerEvery RPG I play I swear will be the last.

48 and a half hours into Final Fantasy XII and I’ve killed so many stupid beasties I don’t even remember the damn plot.

Maybe I wouldn’t have to spend so much time chasing marks if I’d read the walkthrough from the beginning and known not to open the seventeen unmarked forbidden treasure chests scattered arbitrarily around whatever they’re calling this stupid fantasy world this time- then I could have gotten the 92-strength ass-hat spear and moved on.

But no, we didn’t have GameFAQs when FFII came out and I was perfectly content to walk back and forth killing moon-flans to reach level 60 then so why the hell shouldn’t I be now.

moon flan, final fantasy, the resigned gamer
I'm just thankful that ten painful iterations later they’ll let you wevel up ur guys without having to watch the same cash-laden monsters line up in a row and do their little dance. I don’t even have to push the button now! Small mercies.

My vegetable garden is suffering because of this game. I know I should be outside weeding it right now. But then, I think, weeding one’s garden is not unlike playing Final Fantasy XII. So I keep playing.


chungkaishek said...

How does leveling up in FF12 compare to gardening in glass-filled soil?